How to Write Bio on Instagram in Bold or Italics

A social network profile is your business card. You have only a few seconds of attention of a potential follower to catch his eye and briefly tell about yourself the most important and interesting. At the same time, it is also necessary to write down contact and some other details, indicate links, etc.

How to highlight the main thing? You need to use a simple tool – change font Instagram bio using your phone or PC. In the latter case, you will have to use the browser version of the social network, and then check whether the applied design is displayed on the mobile device. Using the tools selected in the article will allow you to collect more Instagram followers.


1. Where to apply bold font on Instagram

2. Using a smartphone keyboard

3. Useful Telegram bots

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Where to apply bold font on Instagram

First of all, on Instagram, the bold is appropriate for drawing attention to certain information in the page description – you should not use this design technique constantly or for the entire text. You can use it to create a title for post by highlighting the first semantic sentence in a long caption under the photo. The selection of quotes in this way looks great.

High-quality, interesting design of texts about yourself and under the image in combination with organic methods of page promotion will give an excellent result. How to quickly win your audience and not “burn out” when you work a lot on your account, but there is no influx of followers? It is best to immediately use a quality promotion service with good reviews – for example, ALL-SMM. After a good start and the first results, inspiration for further development will appear, and the audience will finally see you among thousands of others.

Using a smartphone keyboard

So, you want to make bold Instagram bio right from your phone. How?

1. Enter the Play Market or AppStore, find one of the programs for registration. For example, Font For Instagram – it’s free. Download it, install it on your device.

2. Open Instagram Bio, select the font option below, enter the desired text.

3. Copy the text and go to Instagram by inserting the description created in the program into the account.

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If you want to insert emojis or some complex graphic elements, use the special FancyKey keyboard with many easily accessible design elements. After downloading it once, you can change the appearance of the profile header every day, just by tapping on the “Change font” button.

Useful Telegram bots

The Telegram messenger has separate functions where you can edit the text, including applying various font styles. Copy the result, paste it into Instagram and you’re done!

Also on Telegram almost daily there are useful bots designed to facilitate the work of specialists of various online professions.

For example, in Text4InstaBot, you can break the text of a post (captions to a photo) into paragraphs, underline important words and apply strikethrough, bold or italic fonts.

So, the algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

1. Go to Telegram and type “Text4InstaBot” in the message search bar.

2. Click on the dialog. In the line write “/Start”.

3. Write the text and select it.

4. Select Format, and then Bold. To underline or strike out in the message line, put a lowercase and a dash, respectively.

5. Copy the result and paste into Instagram.

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If you use the bot, it will send you detailed instructions with commands and will inform you about its updates.

Choose what is more convenient for you: either editing text for Instagram from a computer or using smartphone apps. Follow current trends and delight followers with a variety of layouts! Good luck!