Sync of Instagram with Other Social Networks

If the user has accounts in different social networks, they can connect Instagram to Facebook or Twitter, as well as other apps. This allows to simultaneously develop accounts in different social networks and increase their rating. You might be wondering, should you post the same content on Instagram and Facebook. And experienced bloggers recommend doing this, because there is a large reach of followers, which allows to increase the number of views and get more likes and comments.


• How to make the same posts on different social networks

• Organization of repost contests on Instagram

• What to post on Instagram

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How to make the same posts on different social networks

Not all users know how to share Facebook posts to Instagram and vice versa. It is very easy. After the post has been written and published in one of these apps, you should tap a special button. It is called “Share on Instagram” or VKontakte, Facebook, or Twitter. With tapping the button, a similar post is published in the desired app. Using this feature, many bloggers simultaneously increase the effectiveness of Instagram accounts, attracting even more followers.

Organization of repost contests on Instagram

One of the ways to increase the number of followers and get likes on Instagram is to conduct various giveaways and repost contests. To take part in the event, the user must follow a specific account, put like or leave a comment, and also repost this entry. Users of social networks like to take part in such contests, since they don’t need to do anything special, but there is a chance to get a prize, albeit not very expensive. And in order to attract even greater number of followers, many Instagram account owners talk about holding similar contests in the accounts of other social networks, for example, VKontakte or Facebook. And since these social networks allow to synchronize content with each other, attracting new online readers is much easier. Moreover, such events can be arranged in turn on your VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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What to post on Instagram

To attract new followers, it is important to post interesting information. It can be entertaining, informational or selling texts. As an entertaining post, a photo of your own breakfast or landscape from the window, with a wish of a good day, works well. Also, as an entertaining post you can post a funny picture taken from the Internet, but you should not clutter up your news feed with a lot of other people’s photos. The selling text is suitable for those who want to make money on advertising of other people’s goods or services. Informational posts help followers gain new knowledge.

Instagram is a great opportunity not only to spend time interestingly, but also to earn money. Owners of popular Instagram accounts can get a good income. But it is important to properly promote your page. If you want to save personal time on the promotion of your account, you can use the services to promote accounts on social networks. One of these is the All-SMM service. Specialists of this service in a short time will help increase the number of readers and get a large number of likes, comments and reposts. But, even using the help of experienced professionals, do not forget about the correct placement of posts in your news feed. Texts must be literate and with high-quality photos.