How a Newbie Musician Can Get Started on Instagram

Do you compose cool catchy tracks? Dreaming of an army of thousands of fans? Want to find your listener? Then Instagram is exactly what you need! The platform opens up endless possibilities for the beginner artists, and allows to quickly gain popularity.


1. Author content

1.1. Stylish design

1.2. Diversity

1.3. Feedback

1.4. Hashtags

2. Targeted advertising

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Author content

Instagram is a unique mobile app that has already managed to turn from a platform for exchanging photos and videos into a powerful marketing tool. Demonstrating the best results in promotion, it is actively used by newbie musicians and artists to increase recognition, attract attention to their creativity.

Instagram music promotion is a pretty good solution. Why?

• Firstly, the application is free, it does not require payment for posting content.

• Secondly, it is popular, has a multi-million audience, where there are potential fans of creativity.

• Thirdly, it offers a simple and intuitive interface with an abundance of useful options and features (for example, target ads).

How to promote music on Instagram? First of all, four especially important nuances must be taken into account, they will be discussed below.

Stylish design

Since Instagram is a social network, the key importance of which is in the visual component, you must be extremely strict and selective about what you post on your page. The best option, how to get tons of likes on Instagram, is to develop a unique and distinctive style that makes it easy to identify you. It can be:

• minimalistic black and white  photos;

• posts in the vintage style;

• the abundance of neon.

The imagination is limitless. The main thing is to choose what will be in tune with your work and at the same time will catch the attention of a potential audience.

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It is a pity, but no one wants to just listen to music. People are interested in personality. An Instagram profile is a great option to open the veil of secrecy and let users into the backstage.

What exactly is meant? You should not share exclusively professional music content. It is boring and dry. Let followers know:

• how the rehearsals take place;

• how tracks are composed;

• what you do in your free time, etc.

The abundance of content allows you to quickly find a common language, build a dialogue with the audience.


Prompt responses to comments are what are especially important in building relationships with fans. Having managed to convince them that everyone’s opinion is significant and interesting, you can enlist real love and support. And this is exactly what allows you to quickly gain confidence as an artistic, to simulate a comfortable environment for creativity.

In addition, the abundance of comments and reactions simply affects the algorithms of the social network, helps to get to the top. Therefore, do not ignore them.


They say that hashtags have long become obsolete and do not work. This is partly true. However, there is a tool – “author’s hashtag”. For example, this could be the name of your band or song. And it turns out to be quite effective, allows ordinary users to quickly find all thematic posts and publications, to track the process of your formation.

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Targeted ads

Well, and, of course, we must not forget about the target ads! This is one of the key features that ensures a constant influx of new listeners. What is noteworthy, it’s better to configure it through your Facebook account than through Instagram. So, you can more accurately determine the parameters of the audience and choose the appropriate goal.

In conclusion, we note that all of the tips and recommendations listed will work only if they are applied regularly. If you are not a very active user opening the app once a week, the return will be minimal.