More Free Likes on Instagram: Lifehacks

Does your morning start with coffee? Or with coffee while viewing the feed and Stories on Instagram? It’s time to figure out how to use this social network more efficiently and get its main trophy for free, i.e. get likes on Instagram.


  • Why Instagram?
  • Why are likes needed?
  • Who and why needs to promote their Instagram?
  • Promotion on your own;
  • Faster ways of promotion.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the brightest social network nowadays. Thanks to the beautiful visual content, Instagram keeps our attention.

On Instagram there are videos, the possibility of live broadcasts using Stories and of communication through the live streams. These create a cool effect of engagement and presence.

Instagram is also a great opportunity to share vivid and memorable moments of life. But the most important thing is getting likes.

Why are likes needed?


  • are an indicator of the popularity of your content;
  • increase showing of your posts to the audience;
  • make it possible for other people to know about you, lead you to the top publications and allow you to get new followers.

The point here is not only in the principle of Instagram work. There is also a proven fact from psychology: a person is much more willing to like a post already having about 1,000 likes, than a post with, for example, only 50 likes.

Therefore, if you want to promote your account, you cannot do without likes. This will require a large number of followers. Everything is simple: the more followers you have, the more likes you get. The more likes, the wider is the coverage of your account’s audience, i.e. more opportunities for your account to get noticed, even by people not following you.

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Who and why needs to promote their Instagram?

So, if you are not in the category of people simply browsing the daily content for killing their time, then most likely:

  • you promote your own brand;
  • you promote a ready account for selling goods;
  • you promote a page for selling services;
  • you want to get a large audience of followers in order to make money on advertising in future;

But your account will not get to the top and will not get wider coverage and involvement on its own. You need to work hard to get more likes on Instagram for free.

Promotion on you own

Work on the promotion of the account includes the following:

  • serious approach to the visual account: the selection of special filters, photo presets, selection of the main color for all photos, beautiful landscapes, backgrounds, etc. In short, everything possible for your visual content to attract maximum attention;
  • work on writing light and, at the same time, eye catching texts under photos, for the fans of the information message. It’s not so easy and takes
  • long and thorough work on getting followers. That is, you yourself should follow the accounts of strangers who, for example, have many followers and likes. In response, possibly they will put likes and follow you, too. But no guarantee.

As you can see, the first three points described for promotion of the account on your own are not that simple. This is normal, because very few people have that much free time and persistence for getting new skills every day and looking for followers.

Faster ways of promotion

Do not give up your ideas of promoting your account on Instagram because of lack of time or desire. Now there exist all means that will allow you to achieve your goals much easier and faster. Without much time and resources, actually. Of course, this is not a panacea from all difficulties, but it could help you greatly in promoting your account.

One of these helpers is a service for buying paid likes on Instagram. It’s simple: you pay for the service, and the job is done for you. There is no need to reveal a password for your account – the link is enough. The program will put likes and attract new followers. The service is not free, but your expenses will pay off soon, because you will have the necessary number of followers and likes.

And finally, don’t be afraid to try using similar technologies. This is not cheating or magic, but just a little help in achieving your goals.

Good luck!