Buying Automatic Likes and Followers on Instagram – how it Works?

Want to promote your Instagram account and gain a live audience? Make sure that people themselves want to follow you. For this you need to show that your profile deserves interest. A good popularity indicator is likes and followers. And at the beginning these could be paid. Where to buy Instagram followers and likes?


  • Likes and followers boost – why and where to buy?
  • Paid services
  • Purchasing from bloggers
  • 3 basic ways of boost

Likes and followers boost – why and where to buy?

When a user enters a page on Instagram, he immediately pays attention to… No, no, not to the content or photos. He looks at the number of followers and likes. If there are a lot of them, then an interest in the account arouses unconsciously, and the person is likely to join the number of your followers. What do you think? If you similarly advertise bloggers with 500 and 50,000 followers, whom will people join? The latter, of course, who could achieve such excellent results.

About 5 years ago, you could do it yourself, just by posting interesting content. Times have changed, today good posts make only a half of success. Everything else could be achieved if you buy automatic likes on Instagram. Instagram regards them as indicators of the blogger’s popularity and puts him to the TOP of the best publications.

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Paid services

In the Internet you can find many programs and companies that will help with likes boost and attracting followers. It works as described below:

  • The system analyzes your account, choosing users who might get interested in the content from its database. Or you set the parameters to a program by which it will find people.
  • Then the program begins to add people to your followers and like their posts. Most users immediately pay attention to this and visit your account. Many of them stay among your followers.
  • Many programs boost up likes and followers using bots, i.e. accounts belongig to non-existent followers, created for promotion. During 3 days, you can boost up about 5-10 thousand of these ‘users’.

The use of paid services provides a quick likes and followers boost, which increases engagement on Instagram and helps the post to get to the recommendations section faster. This means that all your efforts to create beautiful photos and interesting content will not be wasted.

Purchasing from bloggers

Bloggers who have a larger audience, can advertise your account in their stories or posts. The prices are different and depend on the subject, audience, number of impressions. This is a good way to attract ‘live’ followers who will stay with you for a long time. But the disadvantage is that, unlike the services, a blogger cannot guarantee you a specific number of followers – an investment in advertising may not be worth it.

You can buy ads in popular communities. This should also include sponsorship in contests, where one of the conditions for participation is following all the accounts mentioned in the post. The disadvantage is massive unfollowing after the prize is awarded.

3 basic ways of boost

So, you decided to start promoting your Instagram. There are 3 ways to boost Instagram likes and subscriptions. All of them work but have their own characteristics:

  • Paid promotion through the services – efficient, quick, affordable due to the great competition among the companies.
  • Buying advertising from bloggers – the uncertainty of the result, expensive.
  • Independent attempts to increase the popularity of the account – cheap, but takes long, tiring.

Remember that profit is impossible without investment. While you save, trying to promote Instagram yourself, others have started earning!