Sync of Instagram with Other Social Networks

If the user has accounts in different social networks, they can connect Instagram to Facebook or Twitter, as well as other apps. This allows to simultaneously develop accounts in different social networks and increase their rating. You might be wondering, should you post the same content on Instagram and Facebook. And experienced bloggers recommend doing this, because there is a large reach of followers, which allows to increase the number of views and get more likes and comments.


• How to make the same posts on different social networks

• Organization of repost contests on Instagram

• What to post on Instagram

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How to make the same posts on different social networks

Not all users know how to share Facebook posts to Instagram and vice versa. It is very easy. After the post has been written and published in one of these apps, you should tap a special button. It is called “Share on Instagram” or VKontakte, Facebook, or Twitter. With tapping the button, a similar post is published in the desired app. Using this feature, many bloggers simultaneously increase the effectiveness of Instagram accounts, attracting even more followers.

Organization of repost contests on Instagram

One of the ways to increase the number of followers and get likes on Instagram is to conduct various giveaways and repost contests. To take part in the event, the user must follow a specific account, put like or leave a comment, and also repost this entry. Users of social networks like to take part in such contests, since they don’t need to do anything special, but there is a chance to get a prize, albeit not very expensive. And in order to attract even greater number of followers, many Instagram account owners talk about holding similar contests in the accounts of other social networks, for example, VKontakte or Facebook. And since these social networks allow to synchronize content with each other, attracting new online readers is much easier. Moreover, such events can be arranged in turn on your VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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What to post on Instagram

To attract new followers, it is important to post interesting information. It can be entertaining, informational or selling texts. As an entertaining post, a photo of your own breakfast or landscape from the window, with a wish of a good day, works well. Also, as an entertaining post you can post a funny picture taken from the Internet, but you should not clutter up your news feed with a lot of other people’s photos. The selling text is suitable for those who want to make money on advertising of other people’s goods or services. Informational posts help followers gain new knowledge.

Instagram is a great opportunity not only to spend time interestingly, but also to earn money. Owners of popular Instagram accounts can get a good income. But it is important to properly promote your page. If you want to save personal time on the promotion of your account, you can use the services to promote accounts on social networks. One of these is the All-SMM service. Specialists of this service in a short time will help increase the number of readers and get a large number of likes, comments and reposts. But, even using the help of experienced professionals, do not forget about the correct placement of posts in your news feed. Texts must be literate and with high-quality photos.

How to Write Bio on Instagram in Bold or Italics

A social network profile is your business card. You have only a few seconds of attention of a potential follower to catch his eye and briefly tell about yourself the most important and interesting. At the same time, it is also necessary to write down contact and some other details, indicate links, etc.

How to highlight the main thing? You need to use a simple tool – change font Instagram bio using your phone or PC. In the latter case, you will have to use the browser version of the social network, and then check whether the applied design is displayed on the mobile device. Using the tools selected in the article will allow you to collect more Instagram followers.


1. Where to apply bold font on Instagram

2. Using a smartphone keyboard

3. Useful Telegram bots

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Where to apply bold font on Instagram

First of all, on Instagram, the bold is appropriate for drawing attention to certain information in the page description – you should not use this design technique constantly or for the entire text. You can use it to create a title for post by highlighting the first semantic sentence in a long caption under the photo. The selection of quotes in this way looks great.

High-quality, interesting design of texts about yourself and under the image in combination with organic methods of page promotion will give an excellent result. How to quickly win your audience and not “burn out” when you work a lot on your account, but there is no influx of followers? It is best to immediately use a quality promotion service with good reviews – for example, ALL-SMM. After a good start and the first results, inspiration for further development will appear, and the audience will finally see you among thousands of others.

Using a smartphone keyboard

So, you want to make bold Instagram bio right from your phone. How?

1. Enter the Play Market or AppStore, find one of the programs for registration. For example, Font For Instagram – it’s free. Download it, install it on your device.

2. Open Instagram Bio, select the font option below, enter the desired text.

3. Copy the text and go to Instagram by inserting the description created in the program into the account.

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If you want to insert emojis or some complex graphic elements, use the special FancyKey keyboard with many easily accessible design elements. After downloading it once, you can change the appearance of the profile header every day, just by tapping on the “Change font” button.

Useful Telegram bots

The Telegram messenger has separate functions where you can edit the text, including applying various font styles. Copy the result, paste it into Instagram and you’re done!

Also on Telegram almost daily there are useful bots designed to facilitate the work of specialists of various online professions.

For example, in Text4InstaBot, you can break the text of a post (captions to a photo) into paragraphs, underline important words and apply strikethrough, bold or italic fonts.

So, the algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

1. Go to Telegram and type “Text4InstaBot” in the message search bar.

2. Click on the dialog. In the line write “/Start”.

3. Write the text and select it.

4. Select Format, and then Bold. To underline or strike out in the message line, put a lowercase and a dash, respectively.

5. Copy the result and paste into Instagram.

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If you use the bot, it will send you detailed instructions with commands and will inform you about its updates.

Choose what is more convenient for you: either editing text for Instagram from a computer or using smartphone apps. Follow current trends and delight followers with a variety of layouts! Good luck!

How a Newbie Musician Can Get Started on Instagram

Do you compose cool catchy tracks? Dreaming of an army of thousands of fans? Want to find your listener? Then Instagram is exactly what you need! The platform opens up endless possibilities for the beginner artists, and allows to quickly gain popularity.


1. Author content

1.1. Stylish design

1.2. Diversity

1.3. Feedback

1.4. Hashtags

2. Targeted advertising

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Author content

Instagram is a unique mobile app that has already managed to turn from a platform for exchanging photos and videos into a powerful marketing tool. Demonstrating the best results in promotion, it is actively used by newbie musicians and artists to increase recognition, attract attention to their creativity.

Instagram music promotion is a pretty good solution. Why?

• Firstly, the application is free, it does not require payment for posting content.

• Secondly, it is popular, has a multi-million audience, where there are potential fans of creativity.

• Thirdly, it offers a simple and intuitive interface with an abundance of useful options and features (for example, target ads).

How to promote music on Instagram? First of all, four especially important nuances must be taken into account, they will be discussed below.

Stylish design

Since Instagram is a social network, the key importance of which is in the visual component, you must be extremely strict and selective about what you post on your page. The best option, how to get tons of likes on Instagram, is to develop a unique and distinctive style that makes it easy to identify you. It can be:

• minimalistic black and white  photos;

• posts in the vintage style;

• the abundance of neon.

The imagination is limitless. The main thing is to choose what will be in tune with your work and at the same time will catch the attention of a potential audience.

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It is a pity, but no one wants to just listen to music. People are interested in personality. An Instagram profile is a great option to open the veil of secrecy and let users into the backstage.

What exactly is meant? You should not share exclusively professional music content. It is boring and dry. Let followers know:

• how the rehearsals take place;

• how tracks are composed;

• what you do in your free time, etc.

The abundance of content allows you to quickly find a common language, build a dialogue with the audience.


Prompt responses to comments are what are especially important in building relationships with fans. Having managed to convince them that everyone’s opinion is significant and interesting, you can enlist real love and support. And this is exactly what allows you to quickly gain confidence as an artistic, to simulate a comfortable environment for creativity.

In addition, the abundance of comments and reactions simply affects the algorithms of the social network, helps to get to the top. Therefore, do not ignore them.


They say that hashtags have long become obsolete and do not work. This is partly true. However, there is a tool – “author’s hashtag”. For example, this could be the name of your band or song. And it turns out to be quite effective, allows ordinary users to quickly find all thematic posts and publications, to track the process of your formation.

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Targeted ads

Well, and, of course, we must not forget about the target ads! This is one of the key features that ensures a constant influx of new listeners. What is noteworthy, it’s better to configure it through your Facebook account than through Instagram. So, you can more accurately determine the parameters of the audience and choose the appropriate goal.

In conclusion, we note that all of the tips and recommendations listed will work only if they are applied regularly. If you are not a very active user opening the app once a week, the return will be minimal.

Instagram and Its Benefits: How to Make Money

Everyone who decides to register on Instagram immediately finds it interesting. Users search for old friends, make new ones, share photos, videos. Many users (especially this service is popular with ladies) post photos in their account systematically and even more than once a day, zealously monitoring the number of likes, showing vivid reaction to comments. And the popularity of this social network only grows over time. In many ways, this is facilitated by the fact that the app is regularly updated with new options. Consider what other benefits are available when using Instagram. And in this regard, what kind of content to post on Instagram.


• What does the popular app offer?

• How to make money on Instagram

  • Personal account
  • Selling goods and services
  • Creativity
  • Live streams

• Conclusion

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What does the popular app offer?

In addition to the ability to be heard by other people, express yourself when you can share the events of your life, your thoughts, observations, Instagram offers the following options:

• posting stories;

• live streams;

• communication with celebrities;

• reposts to other social networks;

• communication with followers.

And the Instagram cheat will make it possible to find not only new friends: businessmen can find new customers, if we talk about a business accounts.

How to make money on Instagram

Due to the fact that the app is very popular all over the world, it will be a big mistake not to use it for business development. In skilled hands, Instagram can become a powerful tool for this. To implement a wonderful idea, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail: create the best content to post on Instagram, decide on the optimal time for posting it, the length of the text, choose emoticons, pick up questions “to warm up” the public, etc. Emotionally positive communication, preferably long term one, branded content approval Instagram should be achieved, for this a certain strategy is needed. What are the main available methods of earning and how to get a lot of followers on Instagram?

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Personal account

Organizing a successful business is possible without selling goods. Any bright personality can become popular, accordingly, the number of followers only increases over time, you just need to have something to tell and show to people. And the more followers join you, the greater is the opportunity to earn on advertising.

Selling goods and services

Entrepreneurs can create a personal account purposefully in order to demonstrate their trading offers – services, goods.

In order to advertise their account, entrepreneurs resort to the help of well-known people who can advertise on their page (of course, for a certain fee) the products offered by the business side. The creation of such accounts and further advertising affects them effectively not only for well-known stores that have been operating on the market for more than a year, but also for beginners in entrepreneurship. Instagram helps both the first and the latter to expand the audience of potential customers.


A creative person can maintain an appropriate account (by placing enchanting photo landscapes, images of megacities, animals, etc.) and simultaneously get engaged in business. Thus, earnings will be provided.

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Live streams

Followers prefer open bloggers who are ready to talk about their personal time. Thanks to live broadcasts, it is possible to successfully conduct all kinds of repost contests, giveaways, lotteries (followers can easily fulfill the necessary conditions, for example, repost or follow a specific page). Many entrepreneurs use live streams to present their products and services.


The main thing that determines the increase in the number of Instagram followers and the promotion of likes is the high-quality material. Therefore, to make the account in demand, you should work hard on this.

Instagram and Income: Is There Anything in Common?

The most famous Instagram models use their account not only to gain an army of fans, but also to earn successfully. Instagram is a platform for posting photos of videos from the personal archive. But enterprising bloggers use this app for earning money. Many newbie users who register on this social network are wondering how do Instagram models make money? In fact, absolutely anyone can become a successful online businessman. To promote your account usually does not require any investment, may be the smallest, for speeding up the process of obtaining high ratings.


• How to start a blogger career on Instagram

• What to tell on Instagram

• What functions to use on Instagram

• Attracting a new audience on Instagram

Useful article: “How to Write Bio on Instagram in Bold or Italics

How to start an Instagram blogger career

To start making money through a social network, you can start a fashion blog on Instagram. But besides the beauty industry in social networks, there are a huge number of topics that are interesting to other users. Before registering an account, you must decide on the theme of your personal page. Some bloggers tell and show fragments of their personal lives, but at the same time they post high-quality and interesting photos or videos, and also complement them with attractive texts. To start making money, it is important to promote your account in many ways. Popular profiles have a huge number of followers, which helps to increase the activity on the page.

What to tell on Instagram

Some ladies start their personal blog. They advise how to choose the right clothes to look beautiful and stylish, what makeup to use for certain occasions. Also, in this profile, you can share personal opinions about cosmetics and beauty treatments in salons, as well as home beauty secrets. In addition to the fashion industry, bloggers on Instagram can write reviews about movies, leave reviews of entertainment events, tell about their travels, share workshops on making souvenirs or post photos and video recipes.

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What functions to use on Instagram

The app is constantly being updated, which allows account holders on Instagram to use new features to attract an audience. Stories, live streams, filters and effects on a selfie, synchronization with accounts on other social networks – these functions help to increase page activity, which leads to an increase in likes, comments, reposts, as well as followers. You can use other apps that allow to edit photos and videos, making them original and unusual.

Attracting a new audience on Instagram

You need to post regularly on Instagram, but it’s best to post no more than 2-3 times per day. And an unlimited number of stories helps increase the activity on the page. There are also quick ways to increase an Instagram account rating. You can use the free app for boosting up likes and followers, as well as independently send invitations to the strangers so that they follow your account. But experienced bloggers recommend making minimal financial investments, so that in a short time the page rank grows quickly. This is an appeal to the specialists of the service for promoting accounts on the social networks. Specialists know the tricks of how to promote accounts on Instagram. For example, the All-SMM service has long established itself as an effective and fast assistant for obtaining high ratings.

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On Instagram, not only beautiful models, but ordinary users can build a career. The main thing is to have a desire to earn money and take time to promote your account. And those who want to save time and effort, can use quick ways to promote their accounts.

Fast and Secure Boost on Instagram

The growing popularity of social networks allows to use them not only for communication, but also for business. And Instagram in this case becomes the optimal solution. The simplicity and wide popularity of the service, the huge number of registered users, and the quick indexing of new pages by the search engines, opens up unlimited opportunities of attracting partners and potential customers to products, services and new offers of your company. In this case, you can achieve your goal, if you just buy real Instagram or order a free or paid users’ boost.


The Increase of Followers on Instagram Quickly and for Cheap

Many popular bloggers and newbie businessmen use followers’ boost on Instagram as a reference point for the further promotion. Because there is no other fast and relatively inexpensive way to get a lot of followers. Besides, a large number of followers cause more trust from people. When answering the question ‘How to grow Instagram followers organically?’, consider the methods and benefits of boost.