Do You Run to Your Instagram Account?

Weightlifting and running on the same day?
Just by looking at the question, the answer is, with extensive research, is a big resounding no, not a good idea. However, weightlifting and running can make a good combination for those who want to lose weight. Varying exercises helps you create a varied schedule and thus you are more likely to work out and stick to that schedule, because you are not bored.

What matters with exercising is heart rates. How fast is your heart beating after a work out? Aerobic exercise like running pushes you to breathe deeper, heart pump blood faster. If you are a beginner, like me, you should work your way slowly to the fitness challenges. So, for example, you can go out running for fifteen minutes for a week. Then, add another five minutes the following week. If you are a weakling like me, make it two weeks of the fifteen minutes a day per week.

A heart monitor, suggested by Kyle Leon & Customized Fat Loss is really helpful when it comes to finding out how well you are running.   Sprinting gives you a chance to burn more calories. For a beginner, you may sprint for, say, 2 to 4 miles per hour on a treadmill. You can jog for 4 mph or higher if you really want to feel a burn, try to maintain that speed for a long time. Heart rate monitors will help you maintain a 50 to 60 percent of your maximum heart rate if you are a beginner. 70 or 80 percent is a good threshold for those who are more advanced.

You can also amp up your walk by including weights or high resistance bands to give the workout more of an edge and a challenge.  (I know, the article’s title is about doing one or the other, but you can both at the same time, as long as the weights are reasonably heavy—not too heavy, preferably.).

When it comes to weight lifting, it is all about repetitions and sets,  not heavy weights necessarily, if you want to be slender but muscular. For the bigger muscles, go for heavier weights. The trick is to build up the weights slowly.

I found this gem of an advice online while researching weight loss and weight lifting: consistency. Too often, articles will tell you to run, to eat healthy, to try weight lifting, but it is rare to hear the advice regarding consistency. If you are not consistent, you will not lose weight.  It is awful to read this (and I hate typing it, as someone who is trying to lose weight). We have to commit.  We have to decide that we are changing our lives here. This working out business is not a phase for us: it is a lifestyle. If we want to maintain a healthy weight, chances are, we have to work out.

Another piece of advice I rarely find when it comes to running and weights is food. Sure, you can work out and push yourself with every workout. You can have ambition. You can have drive and focus. But, if you keep eating junk food, your hard work is practically useless. You have to follow a healthy balanced diet. Eat six small healthy meals where you cut out all sugars (other than the ones in fruits), cut out simple carbohydrates (you know what those are: chips, white rice, and so on). And just be careful. Give your body a chance to rest.  This is probably the best advice out there.

Some people focus too much on the working out part of fitness that they forget about recovery. You need your body to recover daily. Take small breaks. Stretch. Smile. You are getting fit.

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