Tips on Buying Used Furniture


Most people would think that buying furniture at tag sales or thrift shops is a cheap deal and rather prefer buying them brand new. If you ask me, I would say it is rather the opposite. Take for instance a vehicle you have just purchased from the showroom. As the posh car leaves the showroom, it immediately depreciates, and if I were to purchase it, then I’d save a few thousand bucks! The same principle works for furniture. In fact, it’s amazing that one can land a breath-taking deal of furniture sets at thrift shops compared to a furniture workshop. Let me share with you a few tips on what to consider before purchasing these type of furniture.

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1. Note the cost

Just as I have mentioned above, used furniture will often be less expensive than the original cost. Compare both the initial and final price of the furniture you are about to bank on. The price is always depreciated unless the furniture set is being sought for an antique store. For instance, my current dining table’s selling price was $76.50 when I bought it from a local thrift shop. A similar table when bought at a dining table workshop would cost me $1,250! The difference was so great I could order a dozen dining table sets a phone call away.

2. What is your style taste?

I always admire a home with a mid-century modern vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a sleek modern style house design just as the next person, but you can also achieve this look with used furniture sets too. Come to realize, it is even easier to achieve mid-century modern vintage with a few used furniture sets too. At times it is homier when some of your furniture sets have stories to tell along with them. For instance, acquiring your grandmother’s favorite knitting sofa, and so forth.

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3. Look at the material

Unless you haven’t realized, most modern furniture designs are made out of some composite wood finishing type. If I were to spend a lump sum of money to buy such furniture I would prefer to acquire one that is made out of pure wood. This is yet a scarce commodity in most retail shops. On the other hand, you would not miss any of this wood material in a thrift shop. You see, most of the time when I buy furniture from a consignment shop I end up redoing its paint-job. This is sometimes difficult, since I can’t tell whether the material used is compatible to the paint color I want. But with wood, the paint-job is easier done after sanding the wood.

4. The condition of the furniture

It is imperative that one is prudent in checking the condition of the furniture pieces desired. Are all the screws and hardware present? When it is set on ground level, does it wobble? Are there any splits on the wood? If it has a fabric, is the fabric in good condition? If not, is it replaceable? How much would it cost? All these questions should go through your head if at all you want to land a breath-taking deal at any thrift shop. So now that you are equipped with the knowledge, come out and shop. All you need to know is what to look for and voila!

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